Thursday, March 15, 2012

Back To Blogging!!

So it seems after the firestorm that has been my life over the last year, has settled down somewhat, it seems like I can resume blogging again to share my random witty thought and some sarcasm as always..

It seems though as if my blog has gone kaput so I guess I will start all over again, just so many ideas running rampant in my mind and not sure where to begin again.. Maybe I guess I need to just start from the beginning, I guess my next post will be where I got started on my journey.

But for now I am enjoying my new toy

Yeppers, that is my new baby.. 7 months of scrimping and saving and she is all mine.. The boys (all 3 of them) are always on the desktop using it for their schoolwork and stuff, and I was getting really tired of staying up late and to get anything done and then feeling like a sloth the next day, so pinching pennies, a few side jobs, and this laptop is all mine.
What I love about this portable laptop is that the battery life is fantastic,
I get about 7 hours on it, just basic surfing and word processing.
I did upgrade it to 8gigs or ram just so I could run some of my programs, and the video card is great for watching the odd movie, when I get a chance to, once in a blue moon..

This makes life so much easier, I can actually go to a clients house now, and help them set up their computer or work on their website and know exactly what they want done, with no need for endless emails back and forth. It’s also going to help a lot with some of my freelance writing, I can actually get more stuff done and meet deadlines so much faster.
The keyboard on this lappie is fantastic, I can type on it just as good as on my desktop keyboard. This is the first really new thing that I have bought for myself in the last few years but I needed it, and I can deduct it as a business expense, and no more having to share with the boys.

Now I can get back to blogging and getting out all those thoughts that are always swirling around in my mind and need to come out.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back In the Saddle Soon..

I will be back shortly posting all my usual cheapskate comments and witty sarcasm, but at the moment life has gotten away from me, I need to go find it and catch up, then I will be back to blogging shortly..